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SCRC Staff

Roberto Velasquez
President & CEO
Headshots edited-6.jpg
Rachel Barnes
Chief Financial Officer
Martha Rañón
Executive Vice President
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Kami Shevlin
Director of Administrative Services
Lacy Johnson-Bathurst
Program Manager
  • Russell Zygmunt, Clinical Licensed Supervisor

  • Kerry Rogers, Lead Family Consultant

  • Marisol Loza Hernandez, Bilingual Family Consultant

  • Denise Krumholz, Bilingual Family Consultant

  • Krysel Greyling, Family Consultant

  • Gabriela Jackson, Family Consultant

  • Mayra Aparacio, Family Consultant

  • Kirstie Uranga, Family Consultant 

  • Christina Imada, Family Consultant

  • Nayeli Smith, Family Consultant

  • Alexandra Schultz, Family Consultant

  • Dera Yetzer, Family Consultant

  • Jewel Cramer, Support Professional

  • Jessica Miller, Support Professional

  • Amanda Ramirez, Client Services Coordinator

  • Angela Andrade, Care Manager

  • Veronica Duford, Care Manager

  • Tania Ortega, Intake Coordinator

  • Katya Escobar, Intake Coordinator 

  • Guadalupe Garcia, Community Outreach Coordinator

  • Marisela Pena, Promotora

  • ​Leonor Garrison, Promotora

  • Violeta Gonzalez, Promotora

  • Rosario Reyes, Promotora

  • Rosanelly Victoria, Promotora

  • Martha Flores, Promotora

  • Georgia Kramer, Community Relations Specialist

  • Santiago Cullingford, Community Educator 

  • Aubrey Zide, Assistant to Education & Outreach Dept.

  • Carla Castillo, Program Specialist

  • Xiomara Hernandez, Program Specialist

  • Olimpia Fonseca, Respite Support Specialist

  • LeeAndra VandenBergh, Administrative Assistant II

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