A message from our Executive Director:

I want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for your belief in our mission and your recognition of the herculean efforts of our community’s family caregivers. Even if you are not presently a caregiver, chances are you know one or more of the estimated 44 million caregivers nationwide assisting loved ones.

SCRC works to provide personalized and comprehensive support – from pairing caregivers with specialized clinicians and educators to answer questions, to providing counseling, respite services and more. Our free services reduce the stress and exhaustion caregivers experience, enabling them to provide a higher quality of care for their loved ones to live happier, healthier lives at home.

You can help ensure San Diego County families do not have to face one of the most emotionally and financially demanding times of their lives alone. Your generous contribution provides local families with:

  • $100 ($9/month) Specialized training on illnesses, behavior management, and self-care

  • $250 ($21/month) One day of in-home respite care (temporary relief from caregiving)

  • $600 ($50/month) Six personalized counseling sessions

  • $1,000 ($84/month) Comprehensive assessment, individualized care plan and consultation

Your donation to SCRC is extending a loving hand to family caregivers who give all they can to those who can no longer care for themselves. Please know that we are incredibly grateful for your generosity and the immediate difference your kindness makes.

Together we can continue to care for those who care for others.

Thank you.

Together, we can continue to care for those who care for others.


Thank you,


Roberto Velasquez
Executive Director

* Inability to make a donation does not disqualify you from receiving services *

A Caregiver's Story

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SCRC’s mission is to help families and communities master the challenges of caring for adults with chronic and disabling conditions. 

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“I have benefited so much from the services you have provided, especially the counseling and respite care. You gave me guidance and hope during very difficult times.” – Anthony, Family Caregiver

“Fortunately, I turned to Southern Caregiver Resource Center. My Family Consultant taught me how to communicate effectively with my brothers and sisters, hold productive meetings that not only helped us coordinate good care for mom, but enabled us to support one another instead of arguing over differences of opinions in her care. I participated in the counseling program (which I never imagined I would need) that really helped me deal with my emotions as I watched mom quickly decline. Mom recently passed away at home, and it has been a devastating loss for everyone. But I am so thankful for the help we received. This journey could not have been done without the support of SCRC.

My family and I are forever indebted.” Roy – Family Caregiver

“It’s an honor to be a caregiver and you want to be the best. But you need guidance.The care receiver is on a journey and as the caregiver; you go on that journey with them. There’s no manual that can tell you step-by-step how to do things, especially when things are constantly changing. It’s wonderful to be able to partner with SCRC on this journey.”

SG – Family Caregiver

“Thank you for your help in finding resources, answering questions and offering support; it allowed me to care for my husband

at home until the end.” KB – Family Caregiver

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